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PB1500 shifts FM Stations for 0.1Mhz up. This feature enables Car Radios manufactured for U.S.A. market where digital radio seeks in odd steps, to seek even steps.
e.q. FM Station Broadcasted on 97.4Mhz will be tuned to 97.5Mhz
N.B. AM Frequencies are unchanged and unable to shift the 9Khz
steeping required.


PB1500 standard aerial connectors
PB1500E european button connectors
PB1500E1 european 2002 on connectors
PB1500H reversed standard aerial connectors
PB1500-24v 24 volt
PB1500N nissan diversity up to 2007 connectors
PB1500N1 nissan 2007 on connectors
PB1500MH mitsubishi or honda 2005 connectors
PB1500S subaru 2005 on connectors
PB1500S1 subaru 2 x diverity 2005 on connector
PB1500V volvo connector
PB1500C chrysler 2001 on connector
PB1500F ford taurus connector
PB1500G GM cavalier connector

PB1500F Code:
Radio converter with ford taurus aerial connectors
$103.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

PB1500G Code:
Radio converter with GM toyota cavalier aerial connectors
$103.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

PB1500H Code:
Radio converter with reversed standard aerial connectors
$87.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

PB1500MH Code:
Radio converter with mitsubishi or honda aerial connectors for cars 2005 on
$121.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

PB1500N Code:
Radio converter with nissan diversity aerial connectors for cars up to 2007
$87.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

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